The ‘2’ Recurring FAQs with Video Monetization

Whenever we pitch gave developers about Video Ad monetization, the two most often recurring question are video ad fill rates and complexity of integration. So, here we are sharing our data on Video ad fill rate!

Video Ad Fill rates

A typical game app will have 40% – 65% of the user-base in a third tier Geo market (i.e LATAM, East Asia, East Europe and Africa). This poses a huge problem for most games that rely on Ad revenue. At Applixir, we have tried our best to cover those regions. Currently, our Video ad fill rate is ~70%. We are releasing our detailed stat for the first time!

Integration –

Most video ad platforms are focused on general web properties. So it will need significant levels of integration & customization to make it game friendly. Applixir video ads can be integrated in less than 5 minutes.

Yes, Applixir video ads can be implemented in less than 5 minutes

+ 70% fill rates internationally (rest monetized through 300×250 banner ads)

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