Making Reward Video Ads work for your Game

What is the secrete sauce used by the top 2% of game developers that have mastered the art of Video Ad Monetization? – Reward Video Ads.

The beautiful thing about Reward Video Ads is Game users clearly understand the trade-off of watching and engaging with a video Ad. As a result, Ad retention is remarkably high: resulting in higher eCPM and Higher revenue. So what should you consider when introducing reward video ads?

  • The Right Reward for watching Video Ads

Too small or too large reward for watching a video ad can either demotivate users or ruin your virtual economy. Finding the right amount of virtual reward is a balancing act that requires rigorous testing. As a rule of thumb, start with the smallest reward you can give then slowly adjust to your sweet spot.

  • Easy & Secured Integration

Fraud is abundant and users can scam the system to gain virtual currency coins without watching the Ads. There are several things to consider when using rewarded video ads. The two most important ones are Ad timing and Callback (client/server based).  You have to have the right and secured integration that rewards the right amount of currency for completed Ads. A non-paying user can choose to watch the video in exchange for virtual rewards such as coins and level ups, which helps you monetize well.

  • Video Ad Fill-rates and fall-backs

User-experience should be consistent across all users, worldwide. Before you start integrating a video ad platform, try to see the Geo distribution and Video Ad fill-rates.  With the Reward Ad Video options through Applixir, game developers will have bigger chances of generating additional revenue. Not everyone can have Zynga’s level of monetization, but can make decent revenue using AppLixir Video Ads.

Applixir is a video advertising platform that helps game developers on Facebook, iOS and Android platforms earn more money via rewarded video ads.

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