The fact of the matter is, users would prefer a completely free game experience – no “buy game” “level up offers” “buy coins” or watch ‘banner/video ads”. Unfortunately that’s now how the real world works. Game developers would need to make money to compensate for the development and running of the game. So the question is, how do you find the sweet spot where, you can acquire, engage and monetize well? Higher User acquisition + Higher Engagement + reasonable monetization = everyone is Happy. That’s what Sudoku solver does, – Sudoku solver is a nice game played by tens of thousands of users worldwide. Here are few numbers from Suduku.   Sudoku is also one of the many clients that work with AppLixir video ad platform.

Between each game sessions, Sudoku shows video ads which enables to monetize across all regions; users actually won’t mind the 15 seconds break between each game session. AppLixir provides this customizable video ad platform that monetizes every region with focus on LATAM, Eastern Europe and Asia-Pacific…. Learn about how you too can integrate AppLixir video ads in less than 5 minutes and start monetizing.

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