HTML5 Game Development; Trends & Opportunity

Google and Kantar recently collaborated on a study of HTML5 Game use & development market, with specific markets which included USA, India, and Brazil. This report offers an in-depth look at H5 gamers and highlights current and upcoming market opportunities.

The research presents five main insights, each paired with actionable recommendations for game developers and publishers. The goal of this report is to give H5 game creators a clearer understanding of their audience, enabling them to enhance gameplay, optimize ad strategies, and uncover new revenue streams for the future.

This blog post “HTML5 Game Development; Trends & Opportunity” is my attempt to summarize the talking points and give our readers my take on their findings. Here is our table of content:

What is HTML5 Game

HTML5 games are video games played using browsers, where users do not need to download games.

Originally, HTML5 was developed to replace older tools like Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash, which had problems and security risks. When Flash stopped in 2020, more people started using JavaScript tools instead. This change made HTML5 games, made with the latest JavaScript, more popular.

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Diving deeper into the “Scoring with H5 Gamers” research

So, under the title “Scoring with H5 Gamers” Google and Kantar tried to understand how game developers are reaching new players, retain existing ones, and monetize more effectively. The focus markets were US, Brazil, and India.


‘H5 Gamers’ surveyed in the report are those who have played HTML5 form of online games in June 2023.

  • Qualitative Research Approach The researchers adopted a mixed-method approach. They began with a UX pre-task to gauge how users discover and engage with H5 games. The researchers have also conducted interviews in the selected countries.
  • Quantitative Research Insights Seeking insights into the gaming habits of H5 players, the researchers conducted a survey, capturing feedback from 1050 gamers in each market. Participants in this study were aged 16 and above and displayed an even gender split. All had played H5 games in the past month and predominantly used devices like smartphones, desktops, laptops, or tablets for gaming.

The survey explored various facets of their gaming routines, from how often they played H5 games, their preferred game genres, to their methods of discovering new H5 games. The researchers also probed into the players’ motivations behind indulging in H5 games and any challenges or frustrations they faced while gaming.

Researcher’s Finding & Conclusion

The H5 gaming realm is on an upward trajectory, offering a golden opportunity for those developing games in both H5 and app formats. The study has unveiled that when gamers dive into H5 games, they not only play more but also build deeper connections with the games.

For developers keen on riding this wave, here are some insights:

  1. Diverse Gamer Profiles: Surprisingly, H5 gamers aren’t always the usual suspects. It’s vital to ensure that these games are simple to access. Also, consider expanding your advertisement strategies, ensuring they reach every potential player, not just the stereotypical ones.
  2. Versatility is Key: In today’s digital age, players use various devices. From smartphones and tablets to PCs, your games should run smoothly across the board. Also, think about broadening your avenues for online income. Diversification could be the key to more revenue.
  3. Safety First: Players gravitate towards environments where they feel secure. Ensure that your games are not only easy to dive into but also exude a sense of trust. Eliminate any unnecessary hurdles that might deter a newbie.
  4. Engagement Matters: A game that immerses its players keeps them coming back. Developers should aim for gameplay that not only engages but also evolves with the player, ensuring that the experience remains fresh and in line with player desires.
  5. Smart Advertising: Ads can be a double-edged sword. While they can provide a revenue stream, they can also annoy players if not done right. Strive for ads that add value to the player’s experience, making sure they seamlessly blend into the gaming environment without causing disruptions.

My Take

  1. HTML5 Gaming Popularity: A remarkable 42% of all gamers engaged with HTML5 games in June 2023, closely rivaling the figures of PC Games (48%) and console games (47%).
  2. Demystifying the HTML5 Gamer: Contrary to the prevalent notion that HTML5 players are just casual gamers, nearly half (49%) are dedicated gaming enthusiasts. This demographic is predominantly male and invests over seven hours weekly across both HTML5 and non-HTML5 gaming platforms.
  3. HTML5 as a Gateway: HTML5 games serve as an entry point for many. In the surveyed group, 11% exclusively played H5 games, not venturing into any other game types in the past month.
  4. Versatility of HTML5 Players: HTML5 gamers are not confined to one platform. While a significant 65% prefer mobile, they equally revel in exploring games on varied devices and platforms.
  5. Safety First: Ensuring safety and upholding privacy stands paramount for HTML5 gaming enthusiasts.
  6. The App Connection: A satisfying HTML5 gaming session can be a precursor to app downloads. After a delightful experience with HTML5 games, a staggering 71% of players expressed a likelihood to download the corresponding app game.
  7. Advertisement Dynamics in HTML5: While HTML5 gamers maintain a discerning stance on advertisements, they aren’t averse to interacting with ones they deem beneficial. As evidence, 62% mentioned they would engage with ads showcasing relevant products or services.
  8. Value of Rewarded Ads: Rewarded ads hold a special allure. Seven out of ten H5 gamers would willingly click on ads presenting incentives, such as power-ups or game clues. Furthermore, they appreciate ads most either at a game’s commencement or its conclusion, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience.

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