HTML5 Game Development & Reward Video Ads

For aspiring and current game developers looking for a development tool that really crosses all platforms, HTML5 fits the bill. The fifth and final version of HTML is used across the World Wide Web but also has implications for mobile gaming and more. In this post, we’ll discuss what HTML5 games are, the pros and cons, and your options for monetizing any games you might create in this way.

What Are HTML5 Games?

HTML5 games are developed using the HTML5 markup language. This is distinct from game engines like Unity 3D, Cocos2D, and Unreal. Many people assume that because this is a web-development language, that it is limited to designing websites and other similar collateral. The truth is that HTML5 is an incredibly versatile tool that allows you to develop games for iOS, Android, and for play within today’s most popular web browsers, including Chrome (the leading browser), Safari, and Edge.

For developers, there are significant advantages here. One of those is that you don’t have to design different versions of your game for each platform. Because HTML5 is browser-based, players just need to open a browser on their mobile device, and they get the same experience they would using a PC or laptop.

What about the difference in screen sizes, you ask? HTML5 is more than capable of adjusting for things like screen size, aspect ratio, and other factors that affect the player experience, ensuring that these games are just as playable on all devices.

The Pros and Cons of HTML5 Game Development


  • You’re able to use JavaScript.
  • There’s no size limit to your game if you stream the data and code (no downloads to devices).
  • No updates for users to download (all updates are made on the server-side).


  • HTML5 does not support in-app purchases except with Cordova.
  • Lower MS per frame rating because of browser needs.
  • No direct shared memory access.

Monetization Options Available for HTML5 Games

Today, consumers expect games to be free. However, game developers need to earn a profit for their work. Game monetization options help achieve a middle ground between all-out free and players having to purchase the game outright before downloading it.

What monetization options do you have with HTML5? In-app purchases are already out due to restrictions with this technology, but that’s not a bad thing. Many players cannot afford in-app purchases and will skip them or uninstall the game. The good news is that HTML5 game developers have access to an incredible range of ad networks including AppLixir Reward Video Ad.

With that being said, it’s important to choose the right type of ad format. While popovers and pop-unders are popular, they can break the user experience. On the other hand, reward video ads offer a lot of traction.

Reward Video Ads on HTML5 Games

Reward video ads are the most popular monetization option for game developers and players. They work quite simply: players are invited to watch a brief ad video in exchange for something they can use in-game. After the video, they’re rewarded, and the developer earns revenue from the advertiser. This method doesn’t break the gaming experience, either. In fact, it augments it.

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HTML5 games offer a lot of benefits, including simpler development and distribution and the ability to play across all devices. Finding the right monetization option is also simpler with the advent of reward ads that benefit both game developers and players.

AppLixir is here to provide you with Reward Video Ads Solution that takes less time to implement, makes users happy and earn you more revenue!