Are Rewarded video ads exclusive to mobile gaming?

The short answer is ‘No’. Reward Video ads are not exclusive to gaming. … now that you have your answer-), you can spend few more minutes on where and how reward video ads can be used.

So, few things that are unique about Reward Video Ads (compared to Ads in general):

  1. Consent – Reward video ads are served at a users’ consent. That is, a user has to request to see / watch an Ad.
  2. Opportunity – users distaste preloads Ads or any Ads that interrupt a user’s experience. As an owner of a site or a game, you need to find perfect opportunity and time to insert Ads.
  3. Value – there is a clear transactional value with Reward Video Ads. Example – you watch 15 seconds of Ad to get a specific access or coin.

One can go on and on about the unique values of Reward Video Ads but that’s not the topic here…. Now that we have said Reward video ads are not exclusive to gaming, the question we are trying to answer is where and how can reward video ads be used?

Any site that falls at the intersection of Value <> Engagement <> Consent can make use of Reward Video Ads. Let me explain with few examples.

  1. Content sites

Sites that publish fresh content / NEWS do provide value to their readers. These users are engaged to your content but unless you charge for access, your monetization option heavily relies on annoying Ads that seek attention. Not a good experience. Plus, one hardly makes good money of those types of Ads.

Content sites hence can structure their monetization around giving access to valuable content in exchange for watching 15 second Ads.

  1. Utility Apps

Rewarded Video Ads can also be used by productivity and casual media apps that allows premium access to services in exchange for 15 seconds attention. A good example is Spotify. It allows you to watch ads for 30-mins of ad-free music listening and encourages its premium subscription package to improve user retention and market space.

The list of online products and services that can use reward video ads is limitless. So next question, how?

We are biased here (for obvious reasons-) but here at AppLixir, we have an “easy-to-use” SDK that you can use for Content sites and Utility Apps. Again, its very easy!

  1. WordPress sites: if your run your content site on WordPress, we have an easy-to-use plugin that will not require any coding. Here is how it works.

Details can be found here –

  1. Content sites: News and Content Sites that don’t use WordPress can also integrate Reward video Ad the same way.

Details can be found here –

  1. Utility Apps: just like the other ones, utility apps that want to make use of Reward Video Ads can use our SDK to serve and reward users with limited premium access

Details can be found here –

Game Developers have hugely benefited from Reward video ads and I strongly feel other sites and applications can benefit from it too.

Reward Video Ads is not limited to Gaming

As a final word, getting into Rewarded Video Ads and picking the right platform for yourself can get complicated, especially if you’re an indie developer. I highly suggest you check us out first!-)