New Gaming & Monetization Trends in 2021

2020 has been quite a ride for pretty much, ‘everyone’. Some have seen huge gains (gaming included) and some have seen better days. As we reflect on 2020, here are few things we see might happen in 2021.

  • New Gaming Tech Developments

With developments in tech like Google Stadia, augmented and virtual reality with Oculus and HTC in the development space, the gaming space is evolving every day. The upcoming future will hold a decent chunk of untapped potential that will finally be included in gaming, maximizing the developer’s and consumer’s profits.

  • New Game Releases

Games such as “Cyberpunk 2099” and “Genshin Impact” have been a great start to the new releases of titles pushing the gaming sector to higher heights.  This trend is likely to be followed with more recent and better games, and thus 2021’s gaming market will be booming with old and new players alike.

  • The streaming sector

Game streaming has also been massive the last year, with games such as “Fall Guys” and “Among Us” taking the industry with a storm. These games incorporate new casual gamers into the community, making it a more significant area for investment. Youtube and Twitch have been all the rage, and I expect to see further growth in it.

  • The removal of Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA)

Apple’s new changes to the IDFA can disrupt the market and monetize through advertising. The removal of the IDFA will make it challenging for targeted advertisements, but Apple gave the reason for protecting user privacy, making it a plausible option. Similar to the way Google’s advertising identifier, the GAID works, Apple’s IDFA allows mobile marketers to measure the success of its ad campaigns.

Based on the reports, with the release of iOS 14, the IDFA can be easily turned off by users, which puts a roadblock for marketers. This will be a change that will make waves throughout the mobile ecosystem and revolutionize how most apps deliver content. IDFA shaped current user-acquisition processes and mobile advertising platforms, so its removal will impact indie developers and companies alike.

  • More opportunities for indie developers

Gaming is a sector evolving through time and with software like Unity and Unreal Engine on the internet that can develop a game for free. Anyone can get up and start learning the process of creating their games. This has given rise to the indie gaming sector, where people build amazing indie games and launch them on Steam. Investors have been lining up to put their money into independent gaming studios, with Kowloon Nights alone pooling in $100 million across almost two dozen projects.

Clearly big corporate games are enormous and provide excellent graphics but the small indie players focus more on the experience and story to drive their games. This leads to the creation of games such as UnderTale, which became an instant hit with gamers worldwide. However, indie developers earn a lot less, and this is where advertising comes in and saves the day by providing excellent feedback and increasing sales and revenue.

  • Cross-Play and Cloud Gaming

With last year’s coronavirus situation, people have been on edge for socializing, which has been solved by improving cross-play and cloud gaming platforms. These have boosted socialization over games as it delivers relief to the ones still stuck in lockdowns or quarantine. Despite the numerous setbacks that Google Stadia has faced, it expected to bring about more than 100 games in its arsenal, many of which have the opportunity to support a revenue stream via rewarded video ads.

Making new friends worldwide and getting together in a community with similar interests as you are critical, and now more than ever, people are spending more and more time online. Cross-play across devices lets you break the shackles of PC and console gaming modes. Anyone can connect from their preferred platforms and play and experience a game together. Cloud Gaming supports the cause by allowing people to stream games to their devices and subscription to different gaming packs. It lets anyone on a computer be a part of the gaming community.

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