The Complete List of Reward Video Ad Providers

The Complete List of Reward Video Ad Providers

The concept of rewarded video has been around for a few years now, but there are still many who do not entirely understand what it is, how it works, and how it could benefit you. A rewarded video is an ad unit that you could utilize on your app or site that provides a value to the person who views it, and to you. The users can opt-in to watch the video, and then they can receive in-app rewards in return for it. This is a situation where the users, the developers, and the advertisers all win.

Today, there are many different video ad providers available, and they can offer a wide range of different types of services depending on just what you and your business will need. The following are options that are available, along with some of the different types of elements they can provide.


This is one of the most popular options for reward video ads. They have full-screen video ads that provide users with the option of watching the video in full in exchange for rewards available for the application. Options are available for different platforms (iOS and Android), and they are a popular and relatively simple way to utilize reward ads in your videos. Of course, they are certainly not the only option available.


This option offers easy integration and can work for iOS and Android apps. Their Futures tool lets you monitor the completion status of method calls, and you can use polling rewards to maintain rewards that have been granted and that can be retrieved later.


Here is another option to consider. This company offers a range of different ways that people can monetize their games, including reward ad videos. They can help developed on iOS, Android, Facebook, and other parts of the web. The company has an easy to use tool that includes JS hooks, browser calls, and server-to-server callbacks that is easy to use and integrate. They work to help make the experience simple for you and for those who then use the apps and games that you have created.


This company offers a wide range of different types of options and features, including rewarded video. They know that this is the most successful type of ad unit in gaming advertising, and they can provide you with integration that will provide benefits for everyone involved, including your end-user.

They can provide native in-feed video, which will seamlessly blend into the content and help to improve the user experience. In addition, they can also help you to utilize non-rewarded native feed ads. The company can provide a native app wall and native splash pages that will help to get the attention of users whenever they enter your app. This has the potential to increase conversions and boost earnings. Mobvista also offers the ability to add a rewarded offer wall that is non-intrusive and that provide additional rewards for users.


With this company, you will also find a number of different types of ads, including native feed ads and interstitials, along with rewarded video. They provide flexible integration for their ads, and they work to provide users with a smarter and better method of monetization.

These are some of the most well-known and best options available for you when it comes to monetizing your applications with reward video ads. Whenever you are choosing a company with which to work, you will want to make sure that you find those that have a good reputation in the field and those that have the tools and features that you will truly need. If you find that one of them simply doesn’t work well for you, there are always the others that you can try out, as well. Find the one that works best for your needs.

Why Do Reward Video Ads Work So Well?

You will find that these types of ads are becoming successful today because they are not seen as intrusive or annoying as other types of ads. The customers will receive a reward for watching the video, which only takes a short amount of time. They like the idea of getting something for free, essentially, and they can then get back to the application feeling good that they were rewarded, and they have a better overall experience and connection with the game. This can lead people to play longer and more often, which could eventually mean greater profits for you.