Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

There is this famous saying, “If you have a user manual for your product, you have failed”. In the current state of user experience, UX has become so simplified, that if you have a need to explain how your product works, you are not doing a good job designing the product or service.

I disagree; to an extent.

It’s true not everything can be dead simple super user friendly that a user does not need a manual to use it. But there is a lot that platforms can do to make it SIMPLE.

The fact of the matter is, every game monetization platform will tell you their platform is dead simple and Very easy (am being redundant to make a point). Once you start integrating however, you the game developer, will learn the “dead simple + very easy” integration can easily take few hours of integration work, few hours of testing work, few hours of debugging etc…. Soon you will realize you have spent a week working on integration.

So how does AppLixir video integration really work?

  1. Add your game
  2. Decide on how and where to show Video ads
  3. Copy this code to your root directory, done

Our value comes from understanding the sophistication of platform integration, distilling the several integration/test/debugging steps to 3 basic steps.

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