How to Increase User Engagement with Reward Video Ads

So, you’ve developed a game and you have decided to incorporate reward video ads into it as a way to increase profits. You’re already on the right track, but you might be wondering how you can increase user engagement using those same ads. Rewarded ads have become one of the most popular sources of revenue for app developers today as they can increase user retention, in-app spending, and engagement all at the same time.

When gamers have an option to get premium items, virtual currency, or both for watching a video or engaging with an ad, which leads to a better app experience. Users who are having a better experience are also more likely to use the app on a regular basis. It also has the benefit of showing the economy of the app, which can lead to users making payments in the app for other items.

Explain the Reward and Requirement Plainly

Users are more likely to engage with ads and be engaged with an app when they know exactly what they are being used to do. Offering information about how long the reward video ad is can help with that. Users also want to know if they are simply being asked to watch an advertisement or if they will be playing a game, taking a quiz, or filling out a survey. The thing that sets rewarded ads apart is the fact that users choose to participate. Helping them make an informed choice is important.

Offer Personalized and Timely Rewards

One of the best ways to increase engagement using video ads is by segmenting your users and then offering rewards that matter to them. This might mean having one segment consisting of people who don’t open the app very often. They might come back if they are offered larger rewards. On the other hand, offering rewards that provide exactly what a user needs can also be helpful. Having a helping hand when it matters most can make a huge difference.

Create a Deeper App Experience

If you have users who have already bought in-app purchases, you don’t want to offer them ads for items they have already. Instead, you can use video reward ads as a way to convince users to buy premium content and features. Give an idea of what is available to push your users to make purchases. This leads to a higher level of enjoyment and engagement within your game.

Make Rewards Simple to Find and Use

While some rewards can be applied immediately, others may need to be activated. You want to be sure your users are able to find these items easily to use them whenever they wish. An inbox within the app can remind users to collect and redeem the items available to them. Nobody wants to feel like the rewards they earn are inaccessible. This can lead to less engagement rather than more.

Now you know some great tricks for getting engagement by using one of the most useful forms of monetization for games and other apps. Try putting some of these into play and seeing how it changes the game for you.