How Successful Is Your Reward Video Ad?

How Successful Is Your Reward Video Ad?

Reward video ads offer a dramatic difference to other forms of app monetization. More and more, developers and publishers are finding that reward video ads deliver success, but how do you actually measure your achievement? How do you know if your ad is actually successful or not?

How Do You Measure Monetization Success?

Given that reward video ads may or may not have a direct monetary correlation within your app, depending on how you implemented them, measuring success can be difficult. It may be all about the money, which is one of the simplest ways to determine whether your efforts were successful. Did you meet predictions? Did you exceed them? Know what you’re expecting going into the situation, and then you can gauge your progress toward reaching them (or surpassing them).

Other ways to gauge the success of your efforts include the following:

  • Do your players routinely watch rewarded video ads?
  • Do you receive positive feedback from players/users about the ads?
  • Do your players spend more time in the app?
  • Do your players open the app often?
  • Do your players utilize the ads to help them progress through the game more quickly?

Candy Crush – How They’re Monetizing

Candy Crush is one of the most successful titles of all time, and the game regularly outperforms expectations. How does that happen? There are a few ingredients to their success, including the use of reward video ads.

New Content – One of the ways that they keep users engaged and coming back is by releasing a steady flow of new content. Remember that no matter what rewards you offer in return for watching a video ad, your players will eventually stop coming back if there’s nothing new on offer. There’s actually a new level added to Candy Crush every two weeks.

Special Events – Another way that Candy Crush is dominating the industry is by offering special events on a regular basis. These are limited-time events that offer important rewards, as well as bragging rights.

Examples of Successful Reward Ad Implementation

There are plenty of great examples of successful reward ad implementation out there. Candy Crush and Candy Crush Soda are probably two of the most iconic, but there are several others. War Robots comes to mind, and you cannot neglect The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, and C.A.T.S., either.

How Much Do the Big Boys Earn?

There is no predictable number when it comes to how much successful reward video ad implementation will net you. Monetization results vary dramatically based on things like the type of game, the number of users, the length of time a game has been on the market, niche audience, whether there are special events and new content being delivered, and more. Success (and driving profit) is not just about reward video ads.

You need to give your players a reason to keep coming back, and that has little or nothing to do with the type of ads you show. Make a great app first, continue to deliver value, and use reward video ad to deliver additional benefits to your users.

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