How Reward Video Ad Technolgy Succeeds

My last blog post regarding the potential of Reward Video Ads, particularly how this drives CPM and Fill-rates, was well received. It also created a number of questions on how and why CPM and Fill-Rate are above the market average with Reward Video Ads..

On this post, I will elaborate more on the technology and approaches we use to make sure Reward Video Ads get the best possible CPM and Fill-Rate results.

1.      Header Bidding Technology

We use header bidding technology that allows all major ad exchanges to compete for Video Ad impressions. The unfortunate truth is programmatic technology can drive CPM prices down for publishers. So rather than allowing one media buyer or ad exchange determine the price programmatically, we let them compete. That provides an average 50% price increase which you would otherwise not get. Header bidding on reward Video Ads is a new technology that AppLixir is committed to using for our customer’s benefit.

2.      Precision Ad Processing

Many systems generate a higher percentage of ad failures than successes. This is caused by a variety of factors including different standards with VAST and VPAID, many different types of video ad technology and frankly, many poorly written video ads. Applixir’s video ad player contains a precision video ad engine that almost never fails to play ads successfully to the finish which means you could potentially double your ad revenue just based on the number of fills you can be losing to errors.

3.      Reward Data Protection

Another aspect of our technology that ensures higher performance is our patent pending reward data protection system. It’s a common practice amongst some gamers to scam game developers by hacking reward data to achieve far greater results than they have earned which comes directly out of game profits. Applixir’s paten pending technology uses multiple layers of encryption and other protection to ensure that script-kiddies and hackers cannot change the callback data used to communicate results from Reward Video Ads. There are examples of game players amassing virtual coins costing the game developer thousands of dollars. If enough gamers discover such cheats, a game’s virtual currency can collapse causing significant damage to the Apps monetization effort. AppLixir’s Reward Protection technology uses multiple layers including end-to-end encryption  tools to prevent these problems for our customers.

4.      Media Player Customization

Last but not least, we provide a variety of customization features that give game developers the ability to control the look and feel of the media player so game players have a fully integrated Ad viewing experience.

Here is why it matters.

When players know they can control the user experience, they tend to watch video ads all the way through to the end. That’s what we are seeing with AppLixir Reward Video Ads. Our completion rate is 87%+ (YouTube video ad completion rate is 13%) so higher video ad completion rates attract better advertisers that are willing to pay more.

So, all in all, heard bidding, secured callback/encryption and ability to customize the ad watching experience are some of the important factors that are driving higher CPM and Fill-rate results on the AppLixir Reward Video Ad Platform.

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