The Psychology Behind Reward Video Ads

Many Web & Mobile App developers have heard that one of the very best ways to monetize their applications is through the use of reward video ads, and this is very true. These types of ads are a great incentive for people to download and play certain applications, and they can be a huge boon for your advertisers and to your company. To understand more about just why this is an effective option, you need to have a better idea of the psychology behind these ads, and what they really are.

The Reward Video Ads are ads that provide incentives to you, just as the name suggests. They have a nonintrusive format that starts before the game, or between levels, for example. They can often be skipped if the player does not want to watch the video. Of course, this means they would miss out on the rewards.

How Reward Ads Affect Our Brain

You will often find that people loathe the idea of spending money on mobile applications and games. They feel that it is a waste of their resources. However, they still want to play. When you are able to provide them with a great game, and a way for them to get something for nothing through the reward video ads, it is a marketing and monetization marriage made in heaven.

People like the idea of getting something they want for free, and that’s exactly what the reward video ads promise. When the user watches the video, they receive an in-game reward that they can use. They see that they can get something with minimal involvement on their part – all they need to do is watch a video – and that is very enticing to them. They like how simple it is.

In addition, they see that there is free content for a game that they like, and they certainly do not want to miss out on that content. They know that simply by watching the videos that come up, they will have more and more rewards. It’s nice and easy, and it helps to satisfy that desire to have something for nothing. This is why reward video ads tend to be one of the most effective methods of monetizing applications, especially games.

How It Motivates People to Play More

Since people know that they can get items by playing the game and watching videos, and when there are good items or in-game credits that they can receive, it is natural for them to want to play more. They know that by playing more they can earn more.

When there is a collectible element involved, as well, it can help to increase the amount of time that people want to spend playing the game. For example, if you have a certain number of collectible skins available and people have a chance of getting one of those skins every time that they watch a video, you be sure they’re going to play more and watch more of those videos. This is good for the marketer and for you who are monetizing the game. It also helps the player to get what they need.

Why Are Reward Ads a Great Method of Monetizing Users?

Why would you want to use these types of ads for monetizing your users? The answer is simple. People like these types of ads, and that’s something that you simply don’t hear when it comes to most types of marketing. People don’t like the feeling that they are constantly having people try to sell to them. However, because these ads have an incentive attached to them for watching, there is more of a give and take. People don’t mind the ads at all, and they are more likely to watch them since they will be getting something for the game. This means that your monetization using this method has the potential to net you more than other types of monetization.

If you have a game that you want to market using this method, be sure that you work with a reward ad provider that can help you get the videos added to your application. There are a number of companies that are offering these types of services today, and they can make it easier for you to get started. Start using the reward video ads and see just how beneficial they can be in terms of your game making real money. This could be just the technique that you have been looking for to increase your bottom line.


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