The Cocos Game Engine & Monetization

The Cocos Game Engine & Monetization

Created in 2008, Cocos2D is a widely used game engine for creating iOS and Android games. If you’re considering your options as a game developer, this is certainly one you’ll want to take a closer look at. Learn more about Cocos2D and even monetization options below.

What’s Cocos Game Engine?

Cocos2D is a free software framework designed to help you create stunning games. Unlike other platforms, Cocos2D is community-driven, with updates and new features being developed in tandem with demand from users. The Cocos2D name actually covers a very wide range of branches, including:

  • Cocos2D-objc
  • Cocos2D-x
  • Cocos2D-html5
  • Cocos2D-XNA
  • Cocos Creator

The Pros and Cons of Using Cocos game engine


  • Capable of implementing any feature that iOS or Android supports
  • Thriving user community
  • Considerably better flexibility than many competitors, such as Moai, Corona, and GameSalad


  • Complex to learn
  • Lacks a drag and drop interface

Cocos Market Share and Who Uses It

According to, the game engine has:

  • 4 million registered developers
  • 25,000 games developed with Cocos
  • 6 billion active players

You’ll find the engine is used across the board, with some very big-name studios and other companies developing games with the engine. These include Bandai/Namco, Nintendo, Square Enix, and Lilith Games, to name just a few.

Monetization Options Available for Cocos

Game monetization is a complicated yet important question. Game developers deserve to be compensated for their work, but consumers have shown they’re unwilling to purchase many games outright. Many different models have attempted to get around this disconnect, including freemium pricing, in-app purchases, and more.

Interestingly, you have a two option: Google AdMob & AppLixir

Here’s how it works. You decide to use Cocos, but also AnySDK. Without AnySDK, you don’t have access to AdMob. With it, you can benefit from in-app advertising, including rewarded video ads.

Why go with advertising, though? Simply put, most people today expect apps to be free. Many are unable to afford to pay for games outright, and even in-app purchases are too costly. Ads satisfy the needs of game developers and users while also giving advertisers a share of the pie.

Why reward video ads, though?

Reward Video Ads in the Cocos Environment

What is a reward video? Simply put, it’s a way to give players something of value while virtually guaranteeing that they’re going to watch a video. That is cash in your pocket as the developer, and it’s also good news for advertisers.

Here’s how it works. At a specific point during gameplay, users are asked if they would like to watch a video in exchange for something they will value. It could be an extra life, more powerful weapons, or unlocking levels only available to specific players. They watch the video, get the reward, and continue playing. However, every time someone watches the video, you earn money.

It’s a win-win. Players benefit from unique items and other things of value, while you can improve revenue flow.


Cocos2D is a popular game engine with several different iterations. It also supports reward ads, which are essential to financial success in today’s world as a game developer.