Games’ Saving Grace – Reward Video Ads

Games’ Saving Grace – Reward Video Ads

Why is the gaming industry thriving? It is an often asked question and, rightfully so! The internet, as news media and game developers ascertain, is composed of 99.8% users who just wont pay for online services (ex, reading an article, playing a game or etc) … so why wont services charge users?

  1. People are used to the concept of free

The hardest thing about “change” is “change” itself (sounds familiar? -)… once you got used to “free” changing the attitude to “pay” is so hard and often, fails badly. So most online providers opt to giving away their service for free with hopes of making enough $$$ at some point.

  1. Microtransactions are quite a hustle.

So many startups have started, hoping to tackle this problem, and have failed. There are 10001 reasons why these solutions haven’t worked; the major one being bad user experience and failure to acquire enough users to make the economy work.

  1. Friction free checkout process:

I wont go explaining this in detail because each one of us have stumbled upon New York Times or any other news site to be told to “subscribe for a small amount of 4.99/month” to access the article we were hoping to read. Was it worth subscribing to the monthly service? 99.9% say NO.

So how is the game industry thriving while other are still struggling?

Reward Video Ads

Game developers have realized players wont pay cash to play, so they came up with Rewarded Video Ads where user pays by watching a 30 second Video Ad for item they want in the game.

The result? It speaks for itself. Game developers, big and small, are tacking $$$$$$ in Ad revenue!

What is Reward Video Ad

Reward video ads is a monetization option for game developers. Players are invited to watch a brief ad video in exchange for something they can use in-game. After the video, they’re rewarded, and the developer earns revenue from the advertiser. AppLixir is focused on providing a simple, secure & high revenue solution that works with HTML5 Games. With AppLixir, you get

How can Reward Video Ad be used?

AppLixir Reward Video Ad can be used as an alternative to a micro transaction payment. Here are some scenarios

  • Watch a Video Ad to read an article
  • Watch a Video Ad to unlock a premium service.
  • Watch a Video Ad to _____________ (you get the idea?)

Reward Video Ad can be used as a micropayment to make sure every site, game or service is well monetized. Check AppLixir for more information