Content Rules, Monetization Follows

As a video game developer, you might be questioning the title of this article. Monetization seems to be everything in our modern world. We aren’t saying it isn’t important, but we are saying that content still matters. If you want to get the views on your game and the users who stick around, you have to have more than a subscription and some add-on content. After all, if the content isn’t worth getting into, who is going to buy that extra stuff? Exactly.

Why Focus on Content?

In the gaming world of today, content matters more than ever before. Gaming has changed whether you believe it has been for the better or the worse. There are thousands of games available today ranging from indie phone games to huge console games with player bases that used to be unheard of. Because there are so many choices on the market, standing out and offering something the world wants has never been more important.

Why Think of Monetization Early On?

There is a very good reason to consider monetization early on in the development process for your video game. When you already have in mind what you want to implement to bring in money, you can consider that at every turn. For instance, if you choose to incorporate in-game items, you can be thinking about what items will be from the start. This gives you the chance to tailor content and avoid the headache of adding special items later on.

If instead you choose to implement reward video ads, it can be something on your mind while you go through content. Thinking about where to place those video ads and when to have them pop up will streamline the process.

Options for Monetizing Content

There are numerous options for monetizing your content to bring in the profit you want. Developers can choose to implement online or offline shops, incorporate in-game purchase, offer add-ons, create merchandise, and more. However, two of the biggest sources of monetization in today’s day and age are reward video ads and in-app purchases. The best thing about these two options is that they can both be included and offer options for your users.

Reward video ads monetize users who aren’t going to pay for in-game items. They also offer higher user retention and can boost playtime of both paying and non-paying users of your game. On the other hand, in-app purchases let potentially paying customers a way to pay you directly for extra content in the game.

AppLixir Offers Help Meeting Your Revenue Potential

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