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Technology is as good as the people behind it. We live to support your creative works by providing you with an easy to use and customizable Reward Video Ad Platform that monetizes worldwide; 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier markets included.

Our team draws 50+ years of experience from Technology, Gaming, Advertisement and Online Marketplace sectors. AppLixir Team

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Robel Alemu Fav Mantra -"There should be a way"

Robel is the founder / responsible for Overall Product and Business developments efforts at AppLixir

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Sky Kruse Fav Mantra -"knock on wood"

Sky is the architect behind AppLixir Video Ad Network. He oversees Technology and product development, make sure the codes talk.

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Dean Kimball Fav Mantra -"Hiya"

Dean runs the Product and Techology Development aspects at AppLixir. He thrives on solving hard platform related problems

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Oleksandr Kompanets Fav Manatara-"Reiterate"

Oleksandr is the Business Developer and Manages GAME DEV, the largest linkedin group for Game Developers. He works on Game Design and Monetization for Big and Small Games.

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Jackie Chen Fav Manatara-"Any Updates?"

Jackie handles business relationships with Asian game developers. He constant ly markets AppLixir in major game events in Asia.

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Hiruy Shita Fav Manatara-"It can be done"

Responsible for anything backend, Hiruy oversees everything database related, an alytics and reporting works here at AppLixir.

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Alexandr Glagoliev Fav Manatara-"This book..."

Alex manages our mobile development team – both iOS and Android. He is fun to work with and best of all, meets deadlines.

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Poojan Shrestha Fav Manatara-"This book..."

Alex manages our mobile development team – both iOS and Android. He is fun to work with and best of all, meets deadlines.

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Husam Al-Kailani Fav Manatara-"Any Updates?"

Husam supports Game App community outreach at AppLixir. He is also responsible for client development in Middle East and Asian markets.

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Vishal Radhakrishnan Fav Manatara-"This book..."

Vishal has managed Zynga's FarmVille monetization and other portfolio games on Facebook, iOS and Android. He is responsible for Game Monetization strategies and tools.

Programmatic Buy and its Impact on Publishers 2019-02-12 Markets

It is no secret that programmatic ad purchase has become the standard commanding 80% + of the Ad transaction and delivery. It is playing a huge role in disintermediating the process by taking out tedious manual processes. Little told however, is...

Reward Video Ads in 2019, My Views 2019-01-03 Monetization

It has been a conventional tradition for companies and influencers to publish new year predictions about respective industries. The truth is, at its very best, prediction is a 50 / 50 flip and heavily fueled by the optimism around the subject in...

How Reward Video Ad Technolgy Succeeds 2018-12-19 Product

My last blog post regarding the potential of Reward Video Ads, particularly how this drives CPM and Fill-rates, was well received. It also created a number of questions on how and why CPM and Fill-Rate are above the market average with Reward...

Sample Applixir Reward Video Ad Clients 2018-12-19 Clients

Sample Implementations of AppLixir Reward Video Ad OSM is an online football management game played by 6.3 million users  CookApps is a developer of social games played by 20 million Facebook users   Pet City is a role play...

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