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We have looked at other companies before signing to AppLixir. They were very attentive to our integration needs. Results are even impressive. We have been using AppLixir Reward Video ads for the past 2 years and recommend AppLixir highly. Peter, Pet City Game
Reward Video Ad for Web and Mobile Web Clients

It’s a mobile first world and everything, including Reward Video Ads, seem to cater to mobile app developers only. But several game developers and content providers have chosen to remain with Web and Mobile-Web first approach; and for good reason. It...

The Complete List of Reward Video Ad Providers Markets

The Complete List of Reward Video Ad Providers The concept of rewarded video has been around for a few years now, but there are still many who do not entirely understand what it is, how it works, and how it could benefit you. A rewarded video is...

Game Monetization Tools in 2019 Markets

The Complete List of Game Monetization Tools in 2019 If you have a game app, and you want to make a substantial amount of money from it, you need to understand the best ways to monetize it. In 2019, people are not typically looking to spend much...

Monetizing Web Games with Video Ads Product

Monetizing Web Games with Preroll Vs Reward Video Ads As a game developer, you want to make money on your products, and this can sometimes be difficult in the competitive online space. By offering games that are free, though, it can help to...

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