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We have looked at other companies before signing to AppLixir. They were very attentive to our integration needs. Results are even impressive. We have been using AppLixir Reward Video ads for the past 2 years and recommend AppLixir highly. Peter, Pet City Game
New Trends in Game Monetization for 2018 Markets

Game monetization is as old as game development, dating all the way back to PC and console games, before mobile technology came along. Once upon a time, monetization was simple. You produced a game, set a price, and shipped our discs to distributors...

3 Big Mistakes When using Reward Video Ads Monetization

Unless you’ve been living under that proverbial rock, you’ve heard of reward video ads and their ability to help app developers and publishers build revenue while boosting user engagement and adoption. The good news is that those claims are true –...

How Successful Is Your Reward Video Ad? Clients

How Successful Is Your Reward Video Ad? Reward video ads offer a dramatic difference to other forms of app monetization. More and more, developers and publishers are finding that reward video ads deliver success, but how do you actually...

I made a Game, how can I make Money? Monetization

The Economics of Game Monetization Game monetization has never been a simple process, particularly since the rise of mobile games. Consumers are increasingly hesitant to pay for any digital properties, and game developers must balance that...

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