Why You Should Use Reward Video Ad

That’s how much Reward Video Ads spending has increased since last year. This is according a recent report by Smaato which analyzed 1.5 trillion Ad Impressions in the Second quarter of 2017.

At last, it feels like the Ad market has found a Perfectly Aligned Venue – The Right incentive for the Right message to reach the Right audience. Reward Video Ad has arrived.

According to the report, the 242% increase is a combination of 48% increase on eCPM, 96% increase on Ad Impression and a whopping 153% increase in Ad spending.

An increasing number of advertisers have started paying the higher price per impression driving eCPM and Ad Spending.  That in turn, has motivated more and more game publishers to start using Reward Video Ad as a tool for game monetization.

One interesting piece of fact about this trend is, increase in Ad spend is not solely coming from North America and Western Europe. Though North America contributes the highest to the increase in Ad spend, almost all countries have seen some level of growth.

Below are some of the trends you see worldwide.

In terms of eCPM growth, APAC was the top-performing region in Q2 2017. APAC’s average eCPM has more than doubled versus the same quarter last year, with the largest eCPM increases coming in South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and Indonesia. EMEA also delivered 74% eCPM growth, with Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, and Italy leading the way.

Rewarded video ads’ positive user experience has led gaming app publishers to embrace this format quickly. Gaming apps that utilize rewarded video ads see up to 4X higher user retention than apps that do not utilize this ad format.

It is no wonder that rewarded video ad spending in gaming apps increased +242% from Q1 to Q2 2017