What worked in 2019 – Game Monetization Tools

If you have a game app, and you want to make a substantial amount of money from it, you need to understand the best ways to monetize it. In 2019, people are not typically looking to spend much money on the apps they download and use on their phone. Instead, they’re looking for free apps that they can use. However, you still need to make money. Fortunately, there is a range of game monetization options and tools that you can start using.

Reward Video Ads

This is one of the simplest and best monetization tools, and it is one that you will want to consider. By placing ads in the game, which might happen before the game begins or that might happen between levels and providing the players with rewards for watching the videos, you can make money and you can make your players happy. Perhaps they get in-game coins that they can use toward purchases in the game, or they get a free cosmetic item, for example. This is a simple option, and it is effective because it is what most users prefer. They don’t mind watching a short video if it means getting rewards for the game they are enjoying.

Banner Ads

These might be an older method of advertising, but they still have the potential to work well. When you use banner ads, they will cover a part of the screen, and they can typically earn a couple of dollars per million impressions. While this might not be a lot of money, they are usually easy to implement into the game. Just make sure they don’t show up in areas that are too annoying.

Selling Content

One of the other common and effective ways of monetizing your games in 2019 is to sell additional content for the game. This content can be nearly anything that could be a part of the game, such as additional skins, additional levels, and the like. However, when you are selling content for the game, it is very important that you make sure that there is value in the content that the players in the game could consider reasonable. This means that content sold should be useful, and it should not be priced too high.

In the case of multiplayer games, it is important that the items or content that you are selling does not give those who bought it an unfair advantage. Doing this will alienate the rest of your players. They will be angry, and they will often be vocal about it. In addition, many gamers will simply move on to a new game. For example, if you have a mobile shooter game, you don’t want to sell a weapon or item that will give only the buyers an advantage. It unbalances the game, and people see it as “pay to win.”

Selling Data

Many advertisers will be interested in learning more about customers and gaining more insight into them. The behaviors in the game can often help the advertisers to have a better understanding of behavior out of the game, and they are willing to pay for that information. however, if you are selling any type of customer data, you need to be sure that it is made clear to the customers who sign up to use the game, or else it could cause a backlash later.

Letting the Customer Purchase the App Rather than Using Freemium.

Of course, you may also want to give the customers the option of simply purchasing the application outright. There are some who prefer this to other methods of using applications, even though they will have to spend money at the outset. Providing this option can help you to find other potential customers that might not have used the application otherwise. However, this does mean that you will only make money from the app once, rather than whenever they interact with ads.

The tools for game monetization listed here are truly some of the best options that are available in 2019, and you will want to take some time to look deeper into these options. You can find those that you believe will work best for your needs for your game.

When you are looking at monetization ads that could be used with your game, you have to think about what your customers could use and what they might want. Then, you need to add those to some of the monetization options that were mentioned above. Make sure that you keep the monetization as simple as possible, so your users have to do very little to benefit. The easier it is for them, the better it will be for you, as it means more are likely to do it.


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