The Hidden Costs of Implementing Reward Video Ads  

If you have taken any medication, you are likely aware of the unlikely side effects of the medication in your body. Since the advantage of taking the med far outweighs the damage it does, you will take it. it’s the same with implementing reward video ads. In the case of reward video ads, here are some of the hidden costs:

  1. Inability to maintain a stable value of Virtual Currency:

The fact is no two ads will pay the same eCPM. It gets worse when you factor geography. eCPM for Video Ads in the US is around $10 while it is around $2 in Indonesia. This means game players in Indonesia will get the same virtual coin for 20% of what the US player pays for.

  1. General Dislike for Ads among user

The truth of the matter is, every one of us would prefer a complete Ad free experience. Despite statistics that try to show increased engagement with reward video ads, the truth is, you will lose some users when you introduce video ads as a form of monetizing your app. Again, it’s always a cost and benefit analysis. If you manage to keep 90% of your free users monetized, it’s well worth it.

  1. Integration and security:

Video Ad integration is not as easy as Banner Ad placement. As a result, you should weigh the time you spend integrating some platforms against the revenue potential opportunity. Reward Video ads are more susceptible to fraudulent activities so need to spend a bit more time working on the right server to server integration.

So, as anything else in life, medication included, Reward Video Ads come with some hidden costs. The question is “Does the benefit of implementing Reward Video Ads outweigh the cost? We say, Yes.

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