Rewarded Ad Video CPM Outlook for Q4, 2023

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Navigating the often-opaque waters of the advertising industry, I consistently notice a lack of transparency and a scarcity of readily + timely available information. This void hinders publishers, leaving them in the dark about the real opportunities at hand.

This post is my attempt to shed light on the earning potential of Web Apps when using AppLixir Platform. I am focusing on Q4 of 2023, providing clarity and insight where it’s sorely needed.

What is AppLixir?

AppLixir is a leading Rewarded Video Ad Monetization Platform for Web and Mobile Web Apps. Specializing in monetizing HTML5 games, WordPress sites, online photo editors, and paywall sites, we offer enhanced revenue opportunities tailored to each platform’s unique needs. …. and now my views on Rewarded Ad Video CPM 2023 >>>

Key terms:

  • Rewarded Video Ad? – A Rewarded Video Ad is like a deal: you watch a short video in an app or game, and in return, you get a bonus, like extra game points or a special feature. It’s a way for the app to make money while giving you a fun perk for watching the ad. Think of it as getting a small treat for sitting through a commercial!
  • Rewarded Video Ad Fill-Rate– it’s not as complicated as it sounds. This is essentially how often our video ad requests are successful. Different locations show varying tendencies; North America and Western Europe tend to dominate with higher fill rates. Yet, aspects like Privacy Compliance, Unique Identifier IDs, and Ad matching can potentially reduce these rates by about 20%.
  • Rewarded Video Ad CPM: – Rewarded Video Ad CPM refers to the cost or earnings per 1,000 impressions (views) of a rewarded video ad. CPM metric denotes the cost (for advertisers) or earnings (for publishers) for every 1,000 views or impressions of an advertisement. “Mille” is Latin for a thousand.

Q3 – 2023 Performance

First, my attempt to write this post on Rewarded Ad Video CPM 2023 is not to put too much info about our business

  1. eCPM for the United States appears relatively stable, with minor fluctuations. There’s a noticeable peak in September 2022, but it then stabilizes for the rest of the year.
  2. Canada’s eCPM starts at a higher point in October 2022 but then experiences a decline, reaching its lowest point in January 2023. After that, there’s a gradual increase in the following months.
  3. eCPM did experience a decline in the following months leading to Q4, reaching its lowest point in January 2023. After January, there’s a gradual increase in eCPM with minor fluctuations, leading up to another peak in September 2023. The eCPM trend for Eastern Europe is somewhat similar to that of Western Europe, especially with the dip in January 2023.
  4. Overall, Eastern Europe demonstrates growth in ad performance over the past year. The decline in eCPM in January 2023, is consistent with the trend observed in Western Europe. This suggests a broader industry or seasonal trend affecting ad monetization during that month. The strong recovery in the subsequent months indicates effective strategies or market dynamics positively impacting eCPM.
  5. Asian eCPM is relatively stable throughout the year, with minor fluctuations. eCPM decline in May 2023, but overall, Asia experiences a significant growth in impressions starting from January 2023, with a major peak in June 2023.
  6. After January 2023, there’s a noticeable increase in eCPM, peaking again in March 2023. Afterward, the eCPM stabilizes with minor fluctuations until the end of the period.
  7. The eCPM trend for South America is dynamic, with a high start in October 2022, a sharp decline until January 2023, and then recovery and stabilization. The low eCPM in January 2023 suggests an industry trend. Overall, South America shows growth in ad performance over the period. The eCPM trends indicate periods of suboptimal monetization but also demonstrate an ability to recover and optimize ad strategies.

Q4 – Revenue Projection

Overall, while each region has its unique trends and challenges, the general direction in eCPM across all regions is positive. This suggests a global trend towards better ad monetization, optimization, and targeting. Advertisers and publishers might be focusing more on quality over quantity, ensuring that each ad impression generates maximum revenue. Contiuning my Rewarded Ad Video CPM 2023 talk, here is what we hope to see:

  1. North America: eCPM is on the rise. Advertisers and publishers are likely prioritizing quality over quantity, which results in better monetization rates. In 2022, eCPM grew by +27.53%. This growth suggests that the region is effectively optimizing its ads, which leads to more revenue.
  2. South America: eCPM is showing significant growth, indicating a strong focus on ad optimization. The region may experience a higher demand from advertisers or employ better targeting strategies, leading to more revenue for every 1,000 impressions. In 2022, eCPM increased by +78.04%. This improvement in ad monetization could come from better targeting, higher ad quality, or a surge in advertiser demand.
  3. Western Europe: eCPM is on the rise, pointing towards improved ad monetization, possibly due to better ad quality or targeting. We expect this trend to continue. In 2022, eCPM grew by +31.34%. This growth suggests that even if the number of ads decreases, the quality or value of the ads is increasing, ensuring better monetization for every 1,000 impressions.
  4. Eastern Europe: Even with a drop in ad volume, eCPM is seeing a significant increase, highlighting a focus on quality and optimization. We expect this trend to persist, resulting in better monetization rates. In 2022, eCPM increased by +46.07%. This rise points towards a focus on higher-value ads or better targeting, making up for the drop in ad volume.
  5. Asia: Despite fewer impressions and revenue, eCPM is growing robustly, signaling a move towards higher quality or better-targeted ads. We predict this trend to continue, ensuring better monetization for every 1,000 impressions. In 2022, eCPM grew by +65.23%. This indicates that even if ad volume drops, the quality, targeting, or demand for ads is improving significantly, leading to better monetization.

To conclude, the great news is Advertisers are certainly warming up to Rewarded Video Ads.

Here at AppLixir, we are positioned to take advantage of this growing demand. If you are a game developer, WordPress site Owner, photo editing site, content behind a paywall or any web app, we can serve you with a better CPM & Fill Rate. > Sign Up <.

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