Monetization-  Game Vs Content Sites

Creating a great game is one thing, but creating a successfully monetized game is something entirely different. The same goes for content sites. There are actually some similarities between the two mediums in terms of how they can be monetized and what methods are going to be most effective to maximize profits. Games have a lot of unique approaches to monetization that may provide better answers for those trying to monetize content sites.

What Methods are Games Using to Monetize?

Games are taking advantage of several monetization options, including in-game purchases, subscriptions, video pre-rolls, and Reward Video Ads. The Rewarded Video ads is pretty useful, offering a more interactive and attention-grabbing option than a static pop-up ad. Advertisers are increasingly warming up to this type of marketing, primarily because it offers another great avenue to reach your target audience.

So which Methods Can Translate to Content Sites?

Two of the popular methods that are effectively monetizing content sites are branded content and display advertising. Brands are always looking for cheap, low-level content where they can gain exposure, both in games and on content sites. If you are willing to reach out and find it, branded content can go a long way in helping boost your visibility.

Display advertising is exactly what it sounds like—and it has been around for a long time. Of course, not all displays are created equal. Page takeovers and interstitials are far more popular, and far more effective for advertisers. While it remains an effective monetization option, the user experience is so intrusive that, user engagement will certainly suffer.

Another effective tool for content monetization is Rewarded Video Ad. This is relatively a new approach that AppLixir is providing. Currently available to content sides powered by WordPress, AppLixir provides a WordPress Plugin that content sites can use to monetize. Once implemented, it requires readers to watch a Video Ad before proceeding to the content. It provides a clean user experience along with a higher payout. Email us at for more information.

Merchandising is another monetization tool that a lot of content sites haven’t tried but worth considering. Gaming has its fair share of success with merchandising as a means of monetization, proving that if you can create a strong brand association, people will buy.

When it comes to monetizing, there are several methods that work better than others. There may also be different methods based on the medium since not all methods will work in all situations. The biggest takeaway here is to pay attention to games and their advertising methods and see how you can employ those in the future success of your business.