How to Increase the Lifetime Value of a Player

AppLixir, a combination of App and Elixir, is a Reward Video Ad Platform. Elixir – the process of changing iron to gold / elongating the value of something has always been at the very heart of our existence. We turn website traffic to money in a manner that increases the lifetime value.

Lifetime value, also known as LTV, is one of the most important things for a game developed to be aware of. It offers information on how well the game is performing in terms of revenue and what sort of investment should be made into user acquisition and marketing. It can also have an effect on what re-engagement and retention strategies a developer should use.

While this is an important metric, many developers don’t put the attention on it that they should. There are many different ways to measure lifetime value and we want to share with you some of the best ways to increase that value so you can succeed.

Deploy Across Many Platforms

Before you ever start boosting LTV, you should first ensure you have the highest number of users as you can. One of the ways to do this is by developing for all major mobile platforms, such as iOS and Android. Even if you have great LTV, it’s not going to make a difference if there are only a few people playing your game. Simply putting your game out to a large number of people will often increase your user base.

Keep Users Playing with the Right Difficulty Level

As you may already know, the longer someone plays your game, the more likely they are to spend money on that game. This means you should make your game challenging enough that people find it fun without being so difficult that some users leave the game. Testing is a good option for finding the perfect level where engagement is high and in-game currency purchases start to happen.

Consider including Reward Video Ads with IAPs

If you solely rely on In App Purchases (IAPs) as a revenue model, you will burn out game players very quickly. Game players that pay to play, tend to play less; as a result, their lifetime value while still higher, is very short. By combining Reward Video Ad with IAP, you give them a chance to enjoy some paid stuff for free which is a great motivating factor for a player’s longevity.

Include Special Events in the App

Want to keep users interested and spending money? Consider implementing special events that shake things up a little bit. Having special events on holidays like Christmas and Easter, holding tournaments so users can compete, and offering sponsor events are all excellent ways to keep your game fresh. These things increase retention and revenue, which can improve LTV. If your app is server side, consider weekly events. If not, try to incorporate them on at least a monthly basis.

Engage Over Social Media

Having an engaged community of game players on all your social media platforms can help with LTV. Users can share their own experiences using the app, which adds to the visibility and engagement for your game. Proper community management can also decrease the fallout from negative reviews.

Ready to start boosting the lifetime value of players? Try using some of the tips above. You can implement one, a few, or all of them to watch for an increase in revenue with your mobile game applications.