Choosing the Right Monetization Partner?

Choosing the Right Monetization Partner

You’ve just developed a great new game and you can’t wait to get it out to the public. It’s got it all – action, fun, engaging storylines, etc.

Before you can roll out your game and start reaping the benefits however, you’ll need to setup the right monetization strategy and that means choosing the right Game Monetization partner that you trust and that works for your needs.

Monetization Platforms Available for Game Developers

Monetization partners (also called services or platforms) allow Game Developers generate revenue from games beyond the basic retail method where players purchase the game outright. (i.e these includes Rewarded Video Ad, plain Banners etc). However, there are tons of platform options available.

Which is right for your needs? Should you go with AppLixir Rewarded Video Ad? Google AdMob? What about MoPub? Unity Ads, Tapjoy, Facebook, Fyber, AppLovin, and Chartboost are also options. These are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, too.

While each of these platforms has something to offer, they’re not necessarily all created equal. And what works well for one game may not be the right choice for another, meaning that you could find yourself using different platforms for each game you develop. How do you choose the right monetization partner?

What Factors Should a Game Developer Consider When Choosing the right Monetization Partners?

Making an informed decision when it comes to game monetization partners is essential. Four of the key considerations developers should make are discussed below.

> Rules and Regs – The gaming industry has seen dramatic shifts in rules and regulations regarding privacy and how personal information is collected. You can see this in the rise of legislation like GDPR, COPPA, and the changes starting with iOS 15. Make sure that the partner you choose can help you understand and comply with those rules and regulations.

> A Contracting Industry– While the gaming industry continues to experience phenomenal growth, it is also consolidating. You can see this in Microsoft’s purchase of Activision/Blizzard, as well as in many other areas. Make sure that you carefully consider the implications of any consolidation on your partnership for your business’s best interests.

> ROI – How much return do you need to see on your investment? What does the return curve look like over time? Will you need to work with a single partner to achieve your ideal ROI or will you need multiple partners? How will you balance the number of network SDKs you need to integrate? Ideally, you’ll choose a partner that can scale with you as your app grows and its audience expands.

> Different Goals– You have monetary goals for your game(s), but you also have business development goals. Often, those goals may not synchronize. The partner you choose must be able to help you balance monetization goals with business goals. Remember that monetization is just one part of your overall growth strategy.

In Conclusion

Choosing the right monetization partner can be challenging. Use these tips to help ensure that you choose a partner that can scale with you and that will become a trusted part of your overall growth strategy.

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