Mobile Video Ad Spending has surpassed Web as one of the fastest growing niches in digital advertising. It captures 27% of total budget. In other words, Video Ad Spend on the web still holds a huge chunk of Advertisement spending!

In spite of the huge pile of money that goes to Web, game monetization still remains tough. The sad facts are

  • 2% of all Game Developers take 54% of all Industry profits.
  • 88% of game developers only make under $10,000 per month.

So what is the secrete sauce used by the top 2% of game developers that have mastered the art of Video Ad Monetization?

Reward Video Ads.

That’s one of the tools that helped Zynga increase Ad revenue by 42% this recent quarter.

The beautiful thing about Reward Video Ads is Game users clearly understand the tradeoff of watching and engaging with a video Ad. As a result, Ad retention is remarkably high: resulting in higher eCPM and Higher revenue.

Applixir is a third-party video advertising platform that helps Facebook developers earn more money via rewarded video ads. Here are things that Applixir provide game developers get the most out of Reward video ads.

  • Pleasant User Ad Viewing Experience

Game developers can customize the look and feel of the media player to match the game’s theme. We provide instant feedback to users one how far they have watched, what reward they collected and more. It makes the whole Ad viewing experience an awesome one.

There are several things to consider when using rewarded video ads. The two most important ones are Ad timing and Callback (client/server based).  A non-paying user can choose to watch the video in exchange for virtual rewards such as coins and level ups. It can also be placed to receive energy packs or game boosts. AppLixir provides the most secure callback feature that combines both client and server-to-server based callbacks.

We have an average 85% video Ad fill-rate! To keep the user-experience consistent across all Geos, we also use fallback Ads. Game developers can use this opportunity to advertise their other games to their player base.

With the Reward Ad Video options through Applixir, game developers will have bigger chances of generating additional revenue. Not everyone can have Zynga’s level of monetization, but can make decent revenue using AppLixir Video Ads.

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