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Technology is as good as the people behind it. We live to support your creative works by providing you with an easy to use and customizable Reward Video Ad Platform that monetizes worldwide; 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier markets included.

Our team draws 50+ years of experience from Technology, Gaming, Advertisement and Online Marketplace sectors. AppLixir Team

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Robel Alemu Fav Manatara-"There should be a way"

Robel is the founder / responsible for Overall Product and Business developments efforts at AppLixir

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Sky Kruse Fav Manatara-"knock on wood"

Sky is the architect behind AppLixir Video Ad Network. He oversees Technology and product development, make sure the codes talk.

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Husam Kilani Fav Manatara-"Awesomely"

Husam runs the all business development aspects at AppLixir. He thrives on onboarding game developers to our platform

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Vishal Radhakrishnan Fav Manatara-"Reiterate"

Vishal previously led Farmville @Zynga. He led the product and monetization efforts for other game portfolios and advices the same here in AppLixir.

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Jackie Chen Fav Manatara-"Any Updates?"

Jackie handles business relationships with Asian game developers. He constant ly markets AppLixir in major game events in Asia.

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Hiruy Shita Fav Manatara-"It can be done"

Responsible for anything backend, Hiruy oversees everything database related, an alytics and reporting works here at AppLixir.

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Alexandr Glagoliev Fav Manatara-"This book..."

Alex manages our mobile development team – both iOS and Android. He is fun to work with and best of all, meets deadlines.

The marketing genius behind “Eddie the Terrible Dog” Post 2017-06-27 Clients

The Christmas of 2014, most dogs at Humane Society Silicon Valley shelter were adopted by families, except Eddie. Eddie the dog didn’t get adopted for a reason, Eddie was terrible, didn’t get along with other dogs or kids. So, the shelter decided to...

CPM and CPA Pricing Methods in Video Ads 2017-06-14 Monetization

The reality is, Banner & Video Ads help run the Web. Ads support all the free services and contents we enjoy on the web; including games. There are several Ad formats – video, several banner formats, etc. In this post, I want to quickly...

How do Free Apps Make Money? 2017-05-30 Monetization

Most of us use free apps on our mobile devices. But have you wondered what keeps our favorite apps afloat? What is keeping the developers in business and helps us get our daily dose of App Entertainment? If you are a game developer or thinking...

The Hidden Costs of Implementing Reward Video Ads   2017-05-27 Monetization

If you have taken any medication, you are likely aware of the unlikely side effects of the medication in your body. Since the advantage of taking the med far outweighs the damage it does, you will take it. it’s the same with implementing reward video...

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